This is probably the best infographic we have seen (that is serious!) on our space.

Published by @socialmediahat, this infographic shows the importance of mobile based on todays’ consumer behavior. Better still, the infographic visually demonstrates the utilitarian nature of the ENTIRE mobile device as a consumer-shopping tool. Specifically, the infographic shares amazing data on consumer usage habits for mobile websites, shopping habits and more!

Our key takeaway? Mobile is not just about a single technology (such as SMS or mobile advertising). It’s about the power the entire device enables when connecting brands to their customers.

Consumers want to engage with brands on their terms and when they do, they want their experience to be highly contextual, based on their needs and who they are. As a result, the mobile device provides them with the ULITIMATE remote control to making that happen (think of it as a direct response tool!)

That is why it’s essential for marketers to establish an easily accessible presence (a mobile website) and ensure that the right marketing is in place to drive awareness to that brand asset.

Additionally, by leveraging mobile, brands are better equipped to drive highly effective cross-channel marketing campaigns. Check out some amazing cross-channel campaign results here.