Vita Seafood™ Wishes Consumers a “Merry Fishmas” This Holiday Season


Launches a fun cross-channel marketing campaign encouraging consumers to eat fish this holiday season

 CHICAGO, IL – (December 5, 2013) – Frozen seafood, smoked salmon and pickled herring brand, Vita Seafoods of Vita Food Products Inc, launched a fun and engaging digital marketing campaign inviting consumers to wish their loved ones a “Merry Fishmas” this holiday season. The impetus behind the campaign is to encourage consumers to make healthy choices by choosing to eat fish over the typical and hefty fare of turkey, pork and beef.  The campaign is a cross-channel implementation, meaning that consumers can help their loved ones “stay fishy” this holiday season from any device, anywhere. The Merry Fishmas campaign consists of a digital e-card and a recipe book filled with excellent seafood holiday options that can be sent to anyone and everyone.  Specifically, the book includes smoked salmon recipes, pickled herring recipes and seafood recipes.

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Lancôme Canada & Tagga Invite You to Pick Your Look & Win Some Fantastic Prizes


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – July 10th, 2013.   Lancôme is releasing its highly anticipated Lancôme Show makeup collection created by Alber Elbaz and they have partnered with Tagga to drive traffic to with a cross channel campaign. The collection, composed of playful eye makeup products, pays homage to Lancôme’s iconic Hypnôse family of beloved mascaras.

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Check out Our latest Cross-Channel Campaign featuring Lindt Chocolate Canada!


Lindt Chocolate Canada is a proud sponsor of the Roger’s Cup in Montreal. The objective is to drive as much audience participation into the contest, from both the desktop site,, as well, from the Roger’s Cup event in Toronto and Montreal.
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Tagga and Caché Team-Up Using Instagram


The Caché Wow Mom Moments photo contest is a US (national) activation powered by the Tagga Cross-Channel Campaign Platform.

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Mobile Web or App? Which is more important to mobile shoppers


Smartphone adoption is bigger than ever and resulting in significant changes in people’s buying behavior. Smartphones provide a unique opportunity for convenient access to product information while shopping and marketers are scrambling to adapt. Retailers are now implementing either a mobile-compatible website or developing an app to align with smartphone user trends.
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Use mobile beyond just an engagement tool to get measurable results


Companies need to incorporate a cross-channel marketing approach; this means using a single media channel such as mobile to support other channels.
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Adidas | Kohls NCAA


Tagga recently launched a new mobile campaign for adidas \Kohl’s. The campaign went live on Thursday, March 7th, 2013 and it will continue until March 21st, 2013.
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Importance of mobile in cross-channel marketing


We live in a tech-savvy era in which about 85% of people are mobile subscribers and among those,45% own smartphones. However, according to a recent study by eConsultancy, most marketers are still not certain whether or not, it is a wise decision to invest in mobile marketing. Most marketers find their mobile experience as average and they admitted that their mobile programs are not living up to their standards. When it comes to defining mobile program goals, the following are the common responses from marketers:
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Effects of mobile advertising on in-store traffic


During the past few years, especially with the growth of Smartphone, retailers started to realize the importance of having an online presence.Many customers visit retailers’ website prior to their visit to the store to find out more about the specific product that they are interested, and learn about special offer. However, just having a website in not enough anymore – it’s important to take a cross-channel approach and that means incorporating mobile! With the increase of smartphones, more people are ALSO checking websites on their phones and making purchases through their phones; therefore, it is important to have a website that is compatible with mobile devices.
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Which one is more important in mobile marketing, content or context?


Today’s mobile marketing puts high emphasize on relevancy and personalization and in order to incorporate them, there has been a debate on importance of content and context. Marketers should keep that in mind that they are both important and instead if choosing one, they need to balance both. It is important to have contextually- aware campaigns, but at the same time marketers have to create relevant content to interact with the particular segments they might be targeting.
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