Tagga & Lancome featured in Mobile Commerce Daily


Tagga & Lancome featured in Mobile Commerce Daily 

Lancôme Canada is using mobile, Web, social media and email in a new contest that ultimately drives consumers to shop a line of eye makeup products online.

The beauty brand’s mobile campaign shows off its new Show eye makeup products that were created by Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz. Lancôme Canada worked with Tagga Media on the initiative “Consumers have become cross-channel in their behavior,” said Amielle Lake, founder/chief revenue officer of Tagga Media, Vancouver. “They no longer have a preferred channel or device for interacting with a brand,” she said. “According to Google, 90 percent of consumers begin a task on one device and then complete it on another device.

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Tagga Featured in Direct Marketing News!


Tagga has been featured in the latest article by Directing Marketing News. The article discusses Tagga’s key role in creating the latest campaign for RedBull’s “Red Bull Crashed Ice”.

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Everyone needs a mobile site – critical to connecting brands to customers


This is probably the best infographic we have seen (that is serious!) on our space.

Published by @socialmediahat, this infographic shows the importance of mobile based on todays’ consumer behavior. Better still, the infographic visually demonstrates the utilitarian nature of the ENTIRE mobile device as a consumer-shopping tool. Specifically, the infographic shares amazing data on consumer usage habits for mobile websites, shopping habits and more!

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Mobile Commerce Daily Features Lindt’s Holiday Cross-Channel Campaign


Lindt Canada is taking a multichannel approach this holiday season with a campaign that builds brand awareness and ultimately drives in-store sales. Lindt Canada is primarily focusing on SMS, email and mobile Web to reward consumers who participate in biweekly activities with rewards. Lindt Canada is working with Tagga Media on this campaign.

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Marketing Powerhouse Jeffrey Hayzlett Joins Tagga!


Tagga is pleased to announce the appointment of marketing guru, global business celebrity, and bestselling author Jeffrey Hayzlett to the company’s Board of Advisors.Tagga’s cross-channel campaign software enables marketers to connect and profile their customers across the entire media mix. Mr. Hayzlett’s background and area of expertise perfectly aligns with Tagga’s value proposition, growth expectations, and target market of consumer brands.

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