Take Notice of the Female Millennial – Or Your Brand Could Get Left Behind!


Take Notice of the Female Millennial – Or Your Brand Could Get Left Behind!

Millennials (or adults aged 18 to 33 years) currently represent the generation with the most influence on the retail industry, and marketing professionals are beginning to take notice as this group represents over $600US million annually in sales.

Male and female millennials not only shop and buy more than older generations; they also influence the spending of older generations who look to them for the latest trends, according to the latest report by Punchtab.

Millennial Women Shop Twice As Often

This trend is particularly true for the 47% of millennial women who shop twice a month versus 36% of non-Millennial women. Millennial women are more likely to buy apparel more often for many reasons, one being the cost and perceived value of an item like a t-shirt.  It is more common today for a millennial to buy a $10 t-shirt that will last for a few months, than a $100 t-shirt, which will last for two years.

Millennial Moms Are Savvy & Connected

Millennial moms (who are considered to be savvier than their counterparts in other generations) will spend 4 hours more per week than the average mom on social networks. It is estimated millennial moms spend an approximate 17.4 hours per week on social media networks (source: Weber Shandwick). This provides an opportunity for marketing professionals to connect with this segment in a more meaningful way – the challenge is that few brands are capitalizing on this chance.

The perception of a more connected millennial mom and the size of her personal network has also contributed to the number of times per month (9.6 times per month) she is asked to provide a product recommendation, compared to all other moms who are asked 6.3 times per month (Weber Shandwick). Consumers (especially millennial consumers), have a distrust of brands and advertisers. Waking up to this notion brands are taking aim at the millennial mom for brand recommendations.

Key Take Away: Don’t Underestimate the Millennial Female’s Influence

Armed with the knowledge that millennial women are comfortable engaging with brands across social networks, and that female millennials are 2X to 3X more likely to connect with brands on Facebook and Twitter – how is your brand engaging with the millennial female?

Millennials are a segment not to be missed! They are a population of 80 million empowered, tech-savvy, influential individuals, capable of $10US Trillion in lifetime spending.  How are you and your brand engaging with the females of this generation to ensure the continued success of your retail operation?

How Cross-Channel Marketing Impacts the Buying Cycle


How Cross-Channel Marketing Impacts the Buying Cycle

How Cross-Channel Marketing Impacts the Buying Cycle

The importance of Cross Channel to the Buying Cycle

According to Forrester, more than 70% of consumers indicated they personally use three or more devices daily, giving rise to consumers who are connected to their devices 24/7. This affords marketers the opportunity to reach customers during times consumers historically were not available and also provides new marketing opportunities during the buying cycle.

According to Forrester’s Study “ The New Path to Purchase”, 98% of consumers indicated they go online daily, while 85% of them go online several times a day. Two-thirds of respondents also use their desktop, laptop, and mobile devices to access online brand assets.

You will find companies and experts giving them different names, but there are essentially 4 steps in the buying cycle:

  • Discovery
  • Education
  • Purchase
  • Advocacy

The dawn of the connected consumer has not changed any of these steps in the buying cycle but it has greatly altered how the marketing professional can interact with consumers and guide them through the process.

1.  Discovery.  Occurs when a consumer first learns of a specific brand’s product or service. Digital channels are now the primary way consumers first discover a brand – surpassing offline channels two to one. Two-thirds of consumers cited digital resources during discovery whereas; only 27% cited offline channels. Of the digital sources mentioned 1/3 of consumers said search engines were their primary resource.
2.  Education. While a consumer is gathering information on a specific brand, they turn to multiple channels to provide them with the depth of information required to understand the brand and compare it to others. Search engines are the top resource used by 44% of consumers (23% of this coming directly from mobile), while only 25% visit the brand’s website.
3.  Purchase. Digital and mobile channels are also significantly impacting the purchase. One-third of consumers’ recent purchases were completely made online, and the other 15% started their purchase online and completed the transaction offline. Of all ecommerce sales, 15% were made on a mobile device.
4.  Advocacy. Gone are the days consumers believe the reviews from the brand.  The digital consumer is educated, and the information most trusted is from other consumers. 92% of customers will trust a customer review over a brand description. 90% of consumers say online reviews greatly impacted their purchase decision.

Connected Customers Demand Cross-Channel Consistency

As customers advance through the buying cycle, as many as 1/3 of consumers switch devices. As these customers advance through the buying process their expectations of their cross-channel experience also increases. 71% of consumers report a negative feeling towards brands when they run into cross-channel inconsistencies – and 9% will actually stop interacting with the brand.

Key Take-Away: Consistent, Channel-Optimized Content

52% of consumers stated they want to see the same content, but want channel-optimized content as they switch mediums. One in five consumers expect the brand to continue to “know” them across devices, while only 15% expect to remain anonymous.






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