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This is where we (or more specifically, Jean-Guy!) chat about Tagga-related stuff like Data Consolidation, the Single Customer View and the Journey Framework. All very exciting stuff! A big shout out to the folks that make our blog happen –  Ian for his penmanship, marketing savviness and the rigorous research that goes into each piece, Linds for her edits and keeping an eye out for “Franglais”, and Roger, our Product Yoda, for his inimitable insights and guidance. But most importantly I’d like to thank our customers, new and existing, whose insights and advice invariably frame the topics… you guys are awesome!

Even Superheroes Brush Their Teeth

So far in my weekly rant I’ve soapboxed on a variety of topics ranging fromGenerational Marketing to the Influence of Influencers, and from the Customer Journey to Achieving Marketing Nirvana. Underpinning all of these mini […]

You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but you can please the right people at the right time

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m as guilty as the next person. In a time when phenomena such as Phantom Vibration Syndrome and Nomophobia are actually things, I’m that person who can scarcely imagine life without […]

When Data Meet Data, Beautiful Things Can Happen

Unless you’ve been living under rather a large rock, you’ll have noticed that “Fragmented Data” has become quite the hot topic of late. Now, while it’s true that I’m somewhat biased (being CEO of a […]

Lessons come from the journey, not the destination.

American novelist and poet, Don Williams Jr., once wrote that “our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”

I’m sure you’ve come across a slew of quotes that share a similar sentiment, but I think […]

Out With The Old, In With The New…

As sure as water is wet, last month you will have stumbled across a plethora of “Farewell 2015″ articles on LinkedIn, or received a whole host emails containing the same. But you won’t have read […]

Before Before-the-Store

As marketers, we often assume the beginning of the customer journey to be the “awareness” phase; you know…  before-the-store, pretail etc. The idea is that a customer must be at least familiar with our brand […]

Elizabeth, Eliza, Betty and Babette

Elizabeth, Eliza, Betty and Babette
All went together to find a bird’s nest.
They found a bird’s nest with five eggs in,
Each took one, and left four in.
If, like me, you’re old enough to remember the above […]

Influential Advocates: The Most Powerful (and Most Underused) Weapon in Our Marketing Arsenal

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been talking about the importance of personalization when it comes to brand marketing. Actually, to be fair, that’s a massive understatement…. what I actually said was that personalization […]

Achieving (marketing) Nirvana: the Single Customer View.

Last week I wrote about the importance of personalization, and why it’s crucial that we engage  our customers based on their explicit or insinuated preferences, rather than bundling them into an arbitrary group based on […]

The Generation Myth – a GenXer’s perspective

I feel a sense of belonging to Generation X in many ways – I lived through the same fashion disasters, listened to much of the same music, and followed the same trends as almost every […]

Tagga announces integration to email marketing platform, Campaign Monitor

Tagga, developer of a B2C Marketing Intelligence Platform is excited to announce a new, seemless integration with industry-leading email marketing platform, Campaign Monitor.

Fragmented customer data has become one of the biggest challenges facing marketers, with […]

Tagga Announce Partnership with SAXX Underwear

Vancouver, BC, September 18, 2015. Tagga, developer of an industry-leading B2C Marketing Intelligence Platform, is excited to announce a new partnership with men’s underwear designer SAXX Underwear. SAXX will be using Tagga’s Marketing Intelligence Platform […]

Flight Centre to Leverage Tagga Marketing Platform in Consolidating Fragmented Customer Profile Data

Vancouver, BC, September 10, 2015. Tagga, developer of an industry-leading B2C Marketing Intelligence Platform, is excited to announce a partnership with Flight Centre Canada, a global leader in retail travel. Tagga will work closely with […]

Generation-Based Marketing: The Millennial Myth

Let’s face it — the world of marketing has more than a passing interest in what we have come to know as the ‘millennial’ generation. While it may not have been a marketer who coined […]

Welcome Robert!

Exciting things continue to unfold here at Tagga! Recently we announced the hire of our amazing new Data Scientist, Deepali, and this week we continue in that vein by welcoming Robert Fraser, who will be joining Tagga’s sales team […]

Best of the Week | August 17-21

Generation-Based Marketing: It’s Time to Move On

Baby Boomers, Generation X, and the enigmatic “Millennials”… yup, we’ve all heard of these generational labels. As marketers, we love ‘em… classifying people into groups based on the time and context in which they grew […]

Best of the Week | August 10-14

The Single Customer View

Ah, the Single Customer View. In marketing terms it is the very definition buzz-worthy and top-of-mind, and, unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard about it. Endlessly. Every marketer wants one, but […]

Kicking Horse Coffee Kicks Up Engagement With Tagga Campaign

Kicking Horse Coffee is celebrating the successful wrap up of their latest campaign in partnership with Tagga, the “#KickAssGround Sweepstakes”. Looking to grow their community and learn more about their customers, Kicking Horse Coffee enlisted Tagga […]

Welcome Deepali!

It’s an exciting time here at Tagga! To help us keep up with the innovative places we’re going as a company, we are proud to welcome Deepali, who is joining our team as Tagga’s first […]

Best of the Week | August 3-7

Influential Advocates: Summary + Infographic

Thanks to the rise-and-rise of social media, the marketing landscape hasn’t so much changed as it has undergone a paradigm shift. The age-old adage of “buyer beware” has been unceremoniously usurped by “seller beware”, and […]

Best of the Week | July 27-31

The Benefits of Knowing Your Influential Advocates


Based on what we’ve discussed so far, it’s pretty evident that the ‘influential advocate’ (IA) group are a powerful bunch, and are sufficiently important to your brand that their identification can actually be the difference […]

Happy Pride, Vancouver!

It’s Pride Week here in beautiful Vancouver, so we decided to take this great opportunity to celebrate diversity in all its many forms. We’re proud of our diverse and welcoming culture here at Tagga— we […]

Best of the Week | July 20-24

Influential Advocates | How do you find yours?

The concept of the ‘Influential Advocate’ can seem a little too good to be true. After all, influencers and advocates traditionally live at opposite ends of a spectrum, where advocates are defined by how likely […]

Best of the Week | July 13-17

Influencers Vs. Advocates | what you need to know…

No less than 15 years after Malcolm Gladwell discussed “The Law of the Few” in his seminal book “The Tipping Point”, Influencer Marketing has come to play an integral role in almost all cross-channel marketing […]

Best of the Week | July 6-10

Best of the Week | June 22-26

Best of the Week | June 15 – 19

#TeamTagga Health Week


Let’s face it – staying fit and healthy can be tough. Most days, it’s easier to get home from your evening commute and crash on the couch with some comfort food than it is to […]

Best of the Week | June 8-12

Best of the Week | June 1-5

Best of the Week | May 25-29

E.D.SMITH butters up brand awareness with Easter-themed mobile campaign

Jam and pie fillings brand E.D. Smith is leveraging social media to augment consumer awareness and drum up excitement for its Easter campaign by asking baking enthusiasts to interact with recipes posted on Facebook and sign up for its mobile-optimized newsletter.


Fanzz kick ups sports gear sales by 30pc with soccer stars

Sports retailer Fanzz tapped Major League Soccer stars on social media to rev up sales of certain apparel pieces by 30 percent and leveraged MMS and mobile-optimized QR codes as part of the successful campaign, […]

What is Business 2 Individual Marketing?

Technology-enabled shifts are creating fundamental changes in how marketing professionals engage with customers. SaaS, mobile, social, marketing automation among others have been the key drivers of these shifts. These changes have brought about a full […]

Tagga Launches Engagement Marketing Platform to Drive Brand Messages Through Noise

TechVibes chats with Tagga CEO, Jean-Guy Faubert, to discuss the launch of the Tagga Engagement Marketing Platform and its benefits to the B2C marketing professional.


Tagga Targets Omnichannel with Social, Email, SMS, Mobile Marketing Platform

In its latest article about Tagga, Mobile Marketing Watch, reports on the Tagga Engagement Marketing Platform including the Tagga Community Dashboard, Tagga Tout Score and Responsive Campaign Pages.

Read the article for more information: http://tinyurl.com/khdovk9

Gordmans Stores Ranks Brand Influencers for Higher Mobile Coupon Redemptionshow

Mobile Commerce Daily features how Gordmans (a midwest retailer) leveraged the Tagga Engagement Marketing Platform to increase customer engagement.


Tagga Debuts Tout Score for Brands to More Accurately Measure Engagement, Target Campaigns

MobileMarketing Daily’s Laurie Sullivan discusses the launch of Tagga’s Tagga Engagement Marketing Platform, the Tagga Tout Score.  Laurie outlines how TEMP can process, analyze and progressively profile consumer behaviour to help brands identify high value […]

Learn What VentureBeat and Jon Koetsier Think of Tagga

This Jon Koetsier and VentureBeat article outlines the many benefits for B2C brands to work with Tagga and our Tagga Engagement Marketing Platform (TEMP).  Client results includes: up to 4X click-thru rates, sales increases of over […]

Tagga CEO, Jean-Guy Faubert, Unveils B2C Cross-Channel Campaign Management Platform to Consumer Brand Clients that Garners 100% increases in sales y/y

Today Tagga unveiled the B2C Cross-Channel Campaign Management Platform. The Tagga Engagement Marketing Platform (TEMP) has yielded over 100% increase in YOY sales for some of our clients. Read the announcement from our CEO, Jean-Guy […]

Tagga’s Marketing Predictions for 2015

From technology trends, to changing business models, to evolving consumer behaviors, there’s a lot to consider in 2015 for today’s successful marketers.

Old digital tactics and mastering individual channels are being overcome by the need to […]

2015 Promises Great Opportunities for Marketers…and Tagga!

There are exciting times ahead for Tagga, our platform and our clients. Jean-Guy Faubert discusses things to come in the very near future for marketing professionals. Read More about the big things to come for […]

Adidas Cross-Channel Sports Campaign Drives Foot Traffic

Tagga has created a cross-channel campaign for adidas and sports retailer LIDS supporting the Seattle Sounders FC soccer team. The campaign aims to target fans and raise awareness for the team and drive foot traffic into stores.


Mobile Commerce features Tagga and adidas

Adidas is teaming up with several Seattle-area sports merchandise retailers for a mobile-driven sweepstakes designed to drive foot traffic into stores.

The sweepstakes is activated in-store, online and through the Seattle Team’s Facebook app page, with […]

Check out the latest Tagga Cross-Channel Sweeps Campaign featuring the adidas/LIDS co-branded launch for the Seattle Sounders!

Check out the latest Tagga Cross-Channel Sweeps Campaign featuring the adidas/LIDS co-branded launch for the Seattle Sounders!


The adidas / LIDS Seattle Sounders promotion is a team promotion for the Seattle Sounders and LIDS stores.  The focus of the beginning, Phase 1 campaign, was to drive foot traffic to two LIDS retail outlets by offering an exclusive sweepstakes: to win a pair of Sounders’ tickets throughout the MLS season for each of the 15 home games.  Phase 2, is a reboot of the campaign to activate both the Facebook and desktop channel of JAS Sports Inc, to drive increased audience participation.


Tagga & Lancome featured in Mobile Commerce Daily

Tagga & Lancome featured in Mobile Commerce Daily 

Lancôme Canada is using mobile, Web, social media and email in a new contest that ultimately drives consumers to shop a line of eye makeup products online.

The beauty […]

Cover Article in iMedia: The ultimate guide to cross-channel campaign management

View the cover article on iMedia here.  Full article below:

In early 2012, Forrester launched a report on a new category — cross-channel campaign management (CCCM) — that is transforming the marketing landscape. We know it’s a bit of a mouthful, but the concept is sound and promises to give marketers what they’ve always been waiting for:

Reduced cost-per-action
Higher customer conversions
Comprehensive customer profiling across the entire media mix

Reducing customer acquisition cost, improving customer conversions, and getting better customer data will make marketers exponentially better at what they do!

Mediapost writer and marketing expert Laurie Sullivan provided an excellent article to support Forrester’s work. You can view it here.


Chocolate Lovers Get a Treat at TIFF Thanks to Lindt & Tagga

Newly Published Campaigns Results Show Success Connecting with Consumer Via Cross-Channel Campaigns

Tagga Featured in Direct Marketing News!

Tagga has been featured in the latest article by Directing Marketing News. The article discusses Tagga’s key role in creating the latest campaign for RedBull’s “Red Bull Crashed Ice”.


Mobile Commerce Daily Features Lindt’s Holiday Cross-Channel Campaign

Lindt Canada is taking a multichannel approach this holiday season with a campaign that builds brand awareness and ultimately drives in-store sales.

Marketing Powerhouse Jeffrey Hayzlett Joins Tagga!

Tagga is pleased to announce the appointment of marketing guru, global business celebrity, and bestselling author Jeffrey Hayzlett to the company’s Board of Advisors.Tagga’s cross-channel campaign software enables marketers to connect and profile their customers across the entire media mix. Mr. Hayzlett’s background and area of expertise perfectly aligns with Tagga’s value proposition, growth expectations, and target market of consumer brands.


Cross-Channel Marketing Makes Your Customers Happy!

Tagga recently launched a holiday promotional campaign for the delicious Lindt Canada! We really love the campaign and so do Lindt’s customers. Best of all Lindt is able to really drive measurable value out of its media spend by having everything work together as a cross-channel campaign.

Tagga Featured in Mobile Commerce Daily

Adidas recently partnered with Kohl’s on a cross-channel mobile campaign with a sweepstakes effort and mcommerce elements that point to mobile as an effective way to drive both online and in-store engagement.

The adidas campaign ran […]

Adidas SLD and Tagga Team up for Cross-channel Campaign The Result? Stellar Increases in Sales and Customer Engagement Metrics

Tagga is pleased to announce the results of a recent cross-channel campaign developed in partnership with adidas SLD (Sports Licensed Division).

Tagga selected among 20 most promising companies in Canada to participate in “48 hrs In The Valley”

Tagga is pleased to announce it has been selected to participate in a carefully screened and invite-only summit of Silicon Valley venture capital partners and global technology companies, known as “48 hrs in The Valley”. 100’s of Canadian high tech companies applied, and only 20 were selected for this prestigious event. The objective of the event is to showcase Canada’s most promising technology companies to US-based venture capital firms and global technology companies.


Check out this new Tagga Video

Create Connections Between Brands and Consumers!

What’s new at Tagga!
After an amazing summer we hope you are looking forward to FALLING into cross-channel campaigns this year to get more results out of your marketing! The Taggers at Tagga certainly are.

Mobile and Social are shifting buying habits making it increasingly difficult for brands to stay connected to consumers. We are here to help you solve that problem. Creating connections between brands and consumers is our raison d’etre – that’s all we think about. Our cross-channel campaign approach leverages mobile and social to connect with your target consumer and drive results. We’d love to share some amazing case studies developed in Q3 2012. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Making the Most out of Shopper Marketing

Tagga Launches Mobile Advertising Offering via Strategic Partnership with airG

September 10, 2012 – Tagga is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Global social & mobile advertising company, airG.

Tagga and airG have agreed to leverage the strength of each other’s products as well as […]

Life Lessons: Amielle Lake

Amielle Lake was the CEO of Tagga Media Inc., a mobile marketing platform company she had co-founded in 2008 at the age of 26, when she realized she was running up against a wall.

She was […]

Tagga and airG Connect with Wieden+Kennedy in Portland

Amielle Lake and Omar Kaywan are visiting Wieden+Kennedy to share new techniques on how to get the most out of your cross-channel marketing initiatives.

Amielle is the Founder and CMO of Tagga Media, a company driving […]

Tagga and airG present at North: Consumer Habits are Shifting Thanks to Mobile & Social

Amielle Lake and Omar Kaywan are presenting at North in Portland to share new techniques on how to get the most out of your marketing initiatives. The key is the ability to connect and then […]

Tagga and airG are Presenting at Ten Four

Amielle Lake and Omar Kaywan are visiting Ten Four in Portland to discuss how consumer habits are shifting thanks to mobile and social.Amielle is the Founder and CMO of Tagga Media, a company driving cross-channel […]

Tagga CMO Amielle Lake to speak at FWE Panel

Tagga CMO and founder Amielle Lake, will be speaking at the panel conference:  Innovating differently: Women, Entrepreneurship & Technology.  The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs is a Vancouver based non-profit organization founded in 2002 for dynamic […]

Tagga & airG are Bringing Lunch & Learn to Razorfish

Amielle Lake and Omar Kaywan are visiting Razorfish to discuss how consumer habits are shifting thanks to mobile and social. Amielle is the Founder and CMO of Tagga Media, a company driving cross-channel marketing results off […]

Katy Perry Rocks Text Messaging Campaign for New Movie

Tagga Gets Some Screen Time on Global TV


Zeldi Research conducted a study interviewing 1000 moms and discovered that 81% of them said that shopping is the most popular use of their phone. Given the above, it is imperative that brands wanting to […]

LIVE Online Show – Amielle Lake – Tagga Media

Amielle Lake is the former CEO, now CMO of Tagga Media, an end-to-end mobile solutions company. Tagga’s campaign management platform that leverages mobile and social media technologies to enable marketers to measure and optimize campaigns […]

Paramount Pictures targets movie-goers with SMS campaign

Paramount Pictures is driving engagement for its upcoming “Katy Perry, Part of Me 3D” film via a new SMS campaign that updates fans with news and exclusive content.

The company partnered with Tagga Media on the […]

2012 Deloitte Retail Study: The rise of the connected consumer

Deloitte and the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) interviewed BC and Alberta retailers to gain insight into how they’re using eCommerce, mobile commerce and social media to respond to changing demands from their customers.

Take a […]

Sunwing Vacations looks to enhance mobile marketing efforts via cross-channel initiative

Sunwing Vacations is looking to drive its cross-channel marketing efforts via a new mobile initiative the company is rolling out nationwide.

Sunwing partnered with Tagga Media to develop its mobile strategy. According to the company, the […]

Red Bull energizes event registrations with mobile, social campaign

More than 10 percent of the registrants for a recent sporting event sponsored by Red Bull came in via mobile thanks to a mobile social campaign targeting winter sports enthusiasts.

The energy drink maker used mobile […]

Sunwing Leads Discount Travel Category in Digital Marketing

Partners with Tagga to drive cross-channel marketing initiatives nationwide

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, June 4 2012

Tagga Media is pleased to announce a new partnership with Sunwing Vacations, a family-owned and managed integrated leisure tour operator and […]

Google’s Motorola Deal Could Up Ad Inventory

Amielle Lake on Online Media Daily  talks about the role of Motorola and Google in emerging markets. Read the full article on Online Media Daily.

Tagga Named in Metabridge’s Top 15

We are very pleased to report that Tagga has been selected as part of Metabridge’s top 15 in Canada list.  We are thrilled to be recognized alongside our esteemed startup peers! We look forward to […]

Tagga appoints Olivier Vincent, veteran entrepreneur, to its Board of Directors

Tagga is pleased to announce the appointment of veteran entrepreneur, Olivier Vincent to its Board of Directors. Mr. Vincent brings a wealth of operational, sales and entrepreneurial expertise to his role.

5 reasons why we have reached the tipping point

Tagga was launched just months before the first iPhone hit the market. Over the last four years, we have witnessed the life-transforming impact that mobile devices have in our everyday lives. Yet, brand budgets for […]

Tagga’s CEO, Amielle Lake, hits the winners circle

Amielle Lake, hits the winners circle in the 2011 BIV, ‘Forty under 40″ list. Check out Amielle’s story here.


The Red Herring editorial team selected the Finalists for the 2011 Red Herring 100 North America Award. This group of 200 companies is the short list for the Top 100 North America award. They are […]

Tools to reach today’s mobile shopper

Shopping on Mobile
by Amielle Lake

Smartphones are no longer just main stream, they are now Main Street.

The mobile shopping experience is becoming more common place than ever — from comparing products, evaluating prices, and selecting where […]

Creating powerful brand interactions in-store

What’s new with mobile shelf talkers?
by Amielle Lake

Mobile shelf talkers have a terrific chance to revolutionize the retailing industry.

For marketers, shifting to mobile shelf talkers for in-store tasks presents a wide range of avenues for […]

Top 5 Mobile Activities of Smartphone Shoppers

Are you ready to meet your mobile customer’s needs?
Shopping basket in one hand, smartphone in the other – today’s consumer is taking control of their shopping experience. According to a study conducted early in 2011, over half of all smartphone owners in the US have used their phone while shopping to accomplish a number of tasks.


Keys to Good Mobile Strategy

The keys to good mobile strategy role out of great Engagement Marketing and a clear understanding of our audience’s media and mobile behaviors. Here are some tips to get you on that path to successfully adding lift to your marketing efforts using mobile.

Step 1: Understand your audience’s mobile behaviors
The first step in crafting a good mobile strategy is to understand the profile of your target market’s mobile behavior. Are they mobile intensives, mobile casuals, or mobile restrained?

A study by Insight Express shows that mobile intensives represent about 70% of the rapidly growing smartphone market. Subgroups within the mobile intensive category, like the Millennial generation, techy men (early adopters), and iPhone Moms, have specific behaviors and interests that are important to understand when trying to reach them. […]

Mobile Marketing is Engagement Marketing

Don’t be dazzled by the tools – it’s still all about people
One quarter of the way through 2011 and the mobile marketing era has truly “arrived.” Marketers are embracing the channel to build loyalty for their products and brands, and discovering exciting results in the process.

But many of us are getting dazzled with the new tools and not stopping to consider the engagement behind the engagement tool. The fact that our consumers are carrying powerful, multi-media devices in their pockets 24/7 offers enormous opportunity, but the recipe for success is not to simply “add mobile” to a campaign and reap the rewards.

Successful mobile campaigns are the product of great engagement marketing. The best campaigns come from a genuine understanding of the audience, their media behaviors, and emotional triggers. This kind of understanding should shape your campaign’s messaging, and act as a guide for the information and services being provided. Then it is possible to choose and optimize the mobile tools that will make your information and services easily and immediately accessible.
The first step in engagement
An effective mobile campaign begins with an excellent traditional, digital, or social campaign – campaign creative that captures your consumer’s interest and inspires him or her to pull a phone out of their pocket and engage.

… click “more” for the rest of the post.

Tagga in the National Post

Tagga CEO Amielle Lake was interviewed this week in the National Post. Click through below to learn how massive smartphone adoption is changing the way people shop, and how mobile marketing and advertising will keep […]

Texting still has Game > DIGIDAY: DAILY featuring Tagga

The best in-game marketing strategy engages attendees with SMS. Click through below to find out how.

Texting Still has Game

The shortcomings of Facebook “Likes”

Featured this week in iMedia Connection, Amielle Lake outlines how mobile can help brands transform their community of fans into a legion of buyers.

The shortcomings of Facebook “Likes”

From Here to There

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Lorem ipsum […]

Mobile Advertising

Get immediate, interactive response from your advertising. […]

Mobile Analytics

Close the loop on your marketing. […]

Social Mobile

Create a community of brand advocates. […]

Mobile Apps

Create brand loyalists with mobile apps. […]

QR Codes

Provide shoppers with more at the click of a button. […]


Capture Mobile Spending 24/7. […]

Mobile Websites

Make your mobile website a hub for consumer traffic. […]

SMS Marketing

Activate your media to connect more often. […]

QRiosity — Capturing Consumer Imagination

The SXSW Interactive, Music and Film Festival, which wrapped up this past Saturday, has been a launch pad and proving ground for many successful technologies in recent years, most notably Twitter & Foursquare. In 2010 QR Codes made their debut at the digital festival, exposing keen throngs of early adopters to the novel technology. This year, QR codes have made their presence known to SXSW attendees in almost every way one could imagine, from the wrapper on a taco or the t-shirt of a cute girl, to attendee badges, band posters and scavenger hunts.

QR stands for “quick response”
The square QR code matrix is easily read by most UPC and bar code scanning apps, using a smartphone’s camera as a reader
QR codes can be generated to link to a multitude of content options: mobile sites, video or music, instant downloads, contest entry pages, contact forms, product info and reviews
QR code scanning activity grew 1200% across North America over the latter half of 2010
30% – 40% of smart phone users have downloaded a bar code scanning app (ScanLife)
Users average 2-3 barcode scans per month (ScanLife)
Top categories scanned

Grocery 25%
Personal Care 18%
Electronics 13%
Books 11%
Toys & Games 13%
Movies 9%
Other 11% (ScanLife)


As smartphone adoption increases and code scanning habits deepen amongst users, the QR code secret sauce of

. . . .