Be Timely. Be Relevant. Be Personal.

Trust the Tagga Engagement Marketing Platform to drive your message through the noise and connect with your customers across mobile, social, web, email and offline channels on their terms, in real-time.

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Get a Holisitic View of Your Customers, and Their Communities.

Rely on a single record for each customer to get a complete picture of who they are, who they influence, the tribes they belong to, and the preferences that drive them. We use their mobile number and sophisticated technology to unify profiles across online and offline worlds.

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Leverage Customer Influence With Tagga Tout Score™.

Tagga Tout Score™ is the marquee component of the Tagga Engagement Marketing Platform. Make a real impact on your bottom line by understanding each customer’s brand influence value and building campaigns to leverage it.

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Personalize in Real-Time, Across All Channels.

Connect with each consumer at the right moment, on the right channel, with the right tactic. Set your parameters then let the Tagga platform assemble and personalize campaigns in real-time.

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Get Answers. Take Action.

Get all the insights you need to drive campaign success and forecast outcomes. Historical data? Real-time campaign metrics? Absolutely. You’ll understand your impact on the business and have reliable data to prove it.

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Made for B2C Marketers

We don’t pretend to know B2C. The only world we live in is B2C. From our cross-channel software to countless marketing tactics to campaign services, we walk the talk so you get results.

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