Consolidate your data.

The Tagga Marketing platform consolidates fragmented customer profile data residing in disparate data silos, to deliver a 360° view of each community member. Not only do these unified profiles allow brands to identify unique cohorts within a community, they also  inform and optimize marketing initiatives, as well as marketing spend.

Maximize Engagement.

Our segmentation manager identifies communities within communities, allowing you to deliver kick-ass content that is guaranteed to resonate and drive positive action. Leverage any number of metrics such as buying behavior, demographics, psychographics, geographics, social stature or brand influence to create community lists, and inform campaign tactics and initiatives.

Optimize ROI.

By consolidating legacy, historical and real-time data, our platform delivers detailed insights and predictions designed to ensure you are connecting with your audience at the perfect time, with the ideal content, on their favorite device. Our algorithms are fully functional out-of-the-box, and can also be tailored to deliver brand-specific results.